Online Casino Industry Innovation Trends For 2019 In United States

Online Casino Industry Innovation Trends For 2019 In United States

The future of the gambling sector and online casinos in the United States of America appears to be absolutely bright as different states look to overturn restrictions of gambling in 2019. Gambling online has become one of the most evolving markets in the world thanks to development in new technology. The industry is facing major transformation as innovations using the latest and updated technology has allowed new techniques for gamblers to win.

Nowadays most gamblers in the USA, use their smartphone applications to place their own bets online. I am going to present comprehensive information about online casino industry innovation trends for 2019 in the USA.

1.  Game design improvements (Live Streaming)

With the advancement in technology, new games have been able to be streamed live through mobile devices with the latest HD graphics that improve game quality.

As a result of the improvement in mobile technology in 2019,there will be the emergence of live streaming of games in mobile devices. Players will now able to access quality casino games on their mobile gadgets. Poker apps are one of the mobile apps that provides a different type of casino games to players in the USA.

2.  Virtual Reality Casinos

VR technology is the next development in casino revolution. With this, games and gambling will be more fun and immersive. Organizations like Oculus Rift among others intend to develop systems that will allow exuberant experience in gambling. This development in technology will make players to see each other as they play. This implies that when playing poker, for instance, you will be allowed to view reactions of players and this will consequently assist you to figure out whether they are bluffing or not.

3.  Smart Contract Casinos

This is an emerging trend in the cryptocurrency and blockchain development steps.Several organizations nowadays are raising their finance via ICOs.Many are employing smart contracts to create casinos that can easily run autonomously and generate zero home edge matches. This technology will definitely transform the experience of the gambling industry because it will provide a wide range of opportunities to players than the traditional casinos. This will involve playing against a computer code which is 100% transparent.

4.  Augmented Reality Casinos

 Great things are expected to happen in AR technology and 2019 is the year to embrace this new technological advancement. Magic Leap platform (which was developed by AR tech) has so far created a difference in online gaming.AR technology will provide a 360-degree experience of gambling and it will be hard for players to determine the difference between digital and the real world. It employs holograms in its gaming and this implies that you could just be sitting at your house playing versus live dealers at your own kitchen table.

5.  Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been employed within the online casino sector and it has evolved to become more popular. We also expect more innovations in this area especially to players in 2019.The crucial benefits of using cryptocurrencies such as the use of Eutherian and bitcoins to place deposits in gambling generally outways its cons. Players who use cryptocurrencies to engage in gambling industry don’t require to submit any financial statements in order to participate in it.

6.  Mobile Casinos

One of the biggest emerging trends that have evolved to become popular in gambling sector is the use of tablets and mobile phones in online gaming.2019 will not be different, in fact, more mobile apps will be developed to make gaming even easier and enjoyable. Note that, there is nothing sweet like having a gaming experience on your own smartphone and be able to play without any inconvenience. There will be an improvement in the value of live games that will be available to users of mobile. Any online casino company that will fail to enhance their games through mobile compatibility will find it hard to compete favorably in this sector.

7.  Online Security

There is an increased possibility that 2019 will lead to an improvement in online security in the USA on matters of online casinos. Login processes, especially for mobile users, will absolutely change to enable players to get quick access to their matches. This could possibly imply that either voice recognition or fingerprints will replace usernames and passwords.

Developers of online casinos will also try to protect players from their accounts being hacked by strangers and foreign interference.

With improvement in technology, gambling industry in the USA will continue growing as more people will develop interests in gaming in the casinos.Advancement in tech means more gaming with advanced features and functionalities. Nonetheless, you have to play responsibly because online casinos can be addictive.

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