Betting On Esports Will Be The New Trend in The Online Casino Industry?

Betting On Esports Will Be The New Trend in The Online Casino Industry?

Betting on esports is the latest buzzword among the online gambling players. Though the trend got off to a sluggish beginning, over the last few years, it has emerged as a new trend. The growth of betting on esports has been explosive over time and its global market is estimated to be worth $30 billion by 2020.

This is a huge figure, especially when we consider that online casinos are not legal in many countries of the world. Citizens from those countries are barred from betting at online casinos. 

What is Esports?

Esports refer to competitive video gaming, where people play video games against each other. What is new about this is that there are now thousands of professional gamers and international tournaments in esports. Betting on esports has become extremely popular among online casino players. 

Online Casinos

There are many reasons why betting on esports has emerged as the fastest growing trend in online casinos. One of the biggest reasons is the sudden spurt in the number of online casinos over the past decade. Now, the web is having some very reputed online casino brands where professionals, as well as amateur players, keep spinning money round the clock. 

Online casinos provide a large range of gaming options, starting from roulette to esports. Unlike any other game played in online casinos, esports are extremely popular among the common folks and there are a variety of highly reputed international tournaments in the esports space, which generate interest among millions of their fans worldwide. So, having esports in the online casino scene is just natural. And, it’s catching on fast. 

Betting on Esports

Betting on esports at online casinos may require some training like in any other game but with the kind of help available online, especially the tools that help analyze the game and devise winning strategies, much of the burden is taken off. Online casinos offer betting opportunities on esports through highly customized software that takes care of the players' needs in an efficient manner. Besides providing cutting edge analysis and intelligent strategies, the software also keeps all the details related to the bets and the financial details in an organized and efficient manner. 

Esports is popular in the same geographical regions where coincidentally even international gambling and betting market, much of which is now present in the form of online casinos, is concentrated. America, Canada and some parts of Europe where online gambling and betting is popular also host the most enthusiastic lot of esports gamers. This coincidence gives a shot in the arm to the online casino business, where esports is fast becoming as a preferred mode of betting. 

Set for High Growth

As both esports and online casinos are poised for a higher growth rate in view of their rising popularity, esports has every chance to become one of the most favorite games played at online casinos. Not only it brings the thrill and passion of gaming and esports to the online gambling dens, but also it brings the big untapped money that is there in the gaming and esports business. Online casinos are the best avenues to tap into the huge pool of resources both in terms of investment and human resources that gaming and esports involve today. The inclusion of esports in the bouquet of its offerings can make online casinos more contemporary and in sync with popular taste. This promises to keep online casinos in business and the people’s interest in it only grows with the passage of time. Who knows, someday even casinos can have their own esports tournaments? But some online casinos are already having it in their own way. They provide the players the perfect setting for esports contests that also involve bets in the professional sense of the term.


Both online betting and esports are among the two most popular online activities. As per the latest trend in which more and more online casinos are offering opportunities for betting on esports, these two highly popular online activities are becoming one on online casinos. This is an exciting scenario for the fans of both esports and online casinos. Both online casinos and esports are tech-savvy and this goes extremely well with the current generation which eats, drinks and sleeps technology.

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